Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pool Project Update

So it's been a while since I posted a pool update. The last one was Ron's birthday weekend

Well, since then, there hasn't been TOO much going on with the pool, but the backyard has really started to transform!

Ron has started putting up the fence. We aren't screening in the pool, so we have to have a fence up. We're saving TONS of money having Ron put it up himself.

That hill they running on in this picture (yes, I realize that really isn't a hill - but that's what we Floridians consider a hill! ha!).... that's our slip-n-slide, roll down, and kick our balls down the hill....hill. I am going to miss this hill once we put our fence up.

I wish I could help... but I'm always on baby duty... so Caroline and I just hang out and give our support. haha!

It looks super nice though! Ron takes a while to get things finished, but it's because he's so meticulous with every thing - a blessing and a curse.

He took some time out to give the girls a ride in the wagon! He uses this to bring all the concrete bags and tools he needs back and forth from the garage to the spot where he's working.

The girls were just laughing and laughing during this ride. I wish you could hear them!

Another day, he took down another tree. We have a few more pine trees that need to come down. They are MESSY little boogers, but they are also blocking my sunshine on the pool. I need the sun on my pool, please and thank you!

But the tree he brought down became a nice playset for the girls - ha!

Ron has gotten about half the fence finished. This is the back of the yard.
Yes... the mess is DRIVING me crazy, but I keep telling myself, sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, right?!  It's all for the greater good - a pool is on the line here!

The girls are loving all of the "mess" though...there's always something to play with!

WEEKS have gone by and I STILL had a dirt backyard. I was getting O.V.E.R. it. For real.  And magically, when I called to get and ETA of the concrete for the patio, the very next week, here come the workers!

And look!! Concrete!!  I was really hoping that the pool would be finished by my last day of school, June 1st. But I don't see it being done in 2 weeks.

Oh well. At least we'll have it for this summer!

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