Sunday, May 24, 2015

Some Firsts for the girls - shoes, haircut, and swim!

So recently, all the girls have had a first....

First for Caroline...

First swim in the pool! Our pool may not be finished, but by golly, it's so hot out, we HAVE to visit our neighborhood pool. The girls love it and Caroline does too!

Autumn's First...

A milestone for Autumn...

She learned to tie shoes!!! And now she wants to tie everyone's shoes. Go for it baby girl! I was nursing Caroline when I took this picture. I can take pictures with one hand, but I can't tie shoes with one hand. See?? Already so helpful! ha!

Brooklynn's first...

Her first hair cut!

Yes. I know. Slap me on the hand. She's 3 1/2 and getting her first trim.   Don't shoot me please.  I cut the girls' hair for now. It works. When I decide to do something drastic, then I'll take them somewhere to get it done.


I couldn't even bring myself to cut that much off.  But look at her smile. She was so excited to get her hair trimmed.

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