Saturday, May 16, 2015

Disney Graduation Celebration!

So Autumn had a pretty big celebration the other day. Yep. She "graduated" from VPK.

And where you take a little-big girl to celebrate? 

Disney, of course!

During the summer months, it is a given that we always get an ice cream.  I'm a fan of the Mickey Bar, so that's what I always get, but we let Autumn get whatever she wanted - and she's a simple girl... a kid cone, vanilla.  It came with some Mickey ears, of course - because Disney makes everything fun!

We had lunch somewhere new this time. It was so yum!

Then it was off to the Carousel - because we can't pass the carousel without getting to ride it!  And for the FIRST time, I noticed the Sword in the Stone! Seriously. I've never seen it!

So I made Ron stop and take a picture  with it. If you know my husband at all, you know that he does NOT like taking pictures... but see?? Disney brings out the kid in every one!

Just look at those smiles. They just love Disney.

Good golly, she looks so big here!

It was a cloudy day and the rain kept coming and going, but it wasn't enough to stop us on our day.

We still did our rides... this was our first time riding the Speedway Ride. It's amazing how much we haven't done as much as we've been there.

Then Brooklynn and I went. She got to drive...if that's what you call it. haha

Autumn has an autograph book that we've been filling up with signatures. She's still missing a few, but we'll get them eventually. But Brooklynn just got her autograph book. So now we have to go through all the characters again. It's ok. They don't mind. And you can fastpass some of the characters, so that makes it better.

Brooklynn was asleep when we all got our ice cream, so she got to end the day wither her ice cream.

I'm super impressed with how she shared with Autumn. I don't really share my Mickey Bar very well.


  1. I love Disney! I could go every weekend! Wish I lived closer. The three hour drive really puts a damper on my Disney-going addiction. Can't believe you have never seen the Sword in the Stone. It has been there for YEARS and YEARS! hehe

    Christina Marie :)

  2. haha! We walked by it and I was all excited and my husband said the same thing you did - Jen, it's been there since I was a kid! haha! See?? There's always something new at disney! :)