Monday, May 18, 2015

Turtle Family!

I finally found it!  I have been wondering what kind of family decal I was going to get... I couldn't remember where I had gotten my last ones - they were fun flip flops that I found online somewhere. But I only had 3 - me, Ron, and Autumn. I never got one for Brooklynn because I couldn't remember where I had gotten them. 

Then I traded that car in and we had another baby. 

So this was the perfect time to get the full set.

And I found the perfect one!

Isn't that just so perfect?! I love it!!

I actually got it on Amazon!  If you don't need 3 babies, they have others too.

Here's two babies and one baby.

There are many kinds - goes up to five babies (bless your heart!) and then no babies...and so many color choices! I, of course, went with the teal...because that's my favorite!

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