Monday, April 13, 2015

Ron's Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Ron's birthday weekend!! He had to work on Sunday, his actual birthday, but we still had Saturday, right?

So what did we do on Saturday to celebrate?  

We dug trenches, of course!! What else would we do?

We had to reline the sprinklers that were across the yard and had gotten destroyed.  

I actually got to help this day though! yay! I actually really like to get involved, but I usually can't because of the kids.

Here's was perfect size for him to play in.

Why was I able to help Ron?? Because my parents took the girls camping!

They were so excited to sleep in the camper - and yes, when camping in Florida in the "summer" months, you must have some sort of cooling device while camping.

Caroline stayed with us, of course.... good thing too, because she was having an off weekend. I think she's starting to teeth.  So I broke out the mesh thingy and put an ice cube in it for her. She really seemed to like it.

No matter the side she was gumming on...

Here are some more cutey patootey pictures of her. The girls just makes my day with that smile of hers!

 Sunday I took her for her first "jog."  This jogging stroller has gone through all 3 girls now, AND a trip to NYC!  She was so content the whole time - 45 minutes!

The girls got home from camping with my parents and we headed straight to the fire station to see Daddy on his birthday.

My hot-mess girls with their Daddy.

Ross, Party of 5!

Annnnd this is more like us - completely and totally whack.... look at C! She's like "Oh, Dear. These people are mine!?" haha!

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