Monday, May 25, 2015

Backyard Mud Fun

While the pool project is taking longer than what I would like, it has proven to be a great playground for the girls!

This picture pretty much sums it up.

You can dress 'em up, but that doesn't mean they'll stay that way... they'll just be dirty princesses.

This might be the reason that the amount of hand-me-downs is becoming less and less. lol

They would just play and play for hours in this dirt pile that they turn into a mud pile.

I had to bring some shade out for them though, of course to help with sunburns, but also because of the fact it was so dang hot!  That big hole in the ground is really starting to mock me. A nice big hole and nothing to swim in.  Blarg.

Ron started cutting down pine trees. I hate pine trees. I am a lover of plants and animals, but Pine trees?? Nope.  Sorry.

We told the girls to move out of their dirt pile area while daddy was cutting down the they found a chair and hid - haha. I just love them sometimes...well, all the time. But you get what I mean.


Then it was time to start cutting up the trees... I kind of made a Paul Bunyon analogy to Ron. He's picking up big ole logs and chopping down trees....

Back to the playing in the mud...

Good gravy.  Look that them! lol

But they are having so much fun.

And we have a hose... so it's ok! They wash off. Outside.

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