Sunday, May 31, 2015

St. Augustine Camping Trip

My parents have decided that they are going camping once a month.

The first month, they asked if they could take the girls (the two older ones).

Us adults didn't get an invite.

Um... excuse me?  How is that fair!?

So I invited myself to any and all future camping trips. lol

Especially the ones that I want to go on.

First up was St. Augustine!  Of course this was a must on my my list of trips to invite myself on because I used to live in St. Augustine.  I went to college there and lived there afterwards for a year before I moved down here.

If you ever get a chance to go camping at Anastasia State Park, I highly suggest it! It is such a beautiful campground!

This is the drive through it.

They have a Nature Trail walk that's about a mile long... it circled around.

Caroline was just around for the ride.

You can barely see the girls ahead of us. They were having a blast. I really liked how it wasn't a flat had little hills - Florida hills, anyway.

Back at the campsite.

And of course we had to head to the beach the next day. This is the beach that I would ride my bike to all the time when I lived there. I lived on the island. Yes. I know. How did I ever give that up!? I don't know. Honestly.

Autumn was so excited - she was doing cartwheels! ha!

My dad is out there with her pushing her on the boogie board, trying to get her used to riding waves. His goal is to get her to surf this summer.

THe water was perfect for Caroline. Nice and warm and it was low tide, so there were little sand bars where i could sit with her.

 Then we went to Surf Station (one of the longest standing surf shops there) to look for a board for Autumn.

I left my parents so they could have a nice quiet end and night to their camping trip, but also so I could go visit my friends.

I love driving downtown and I would have gone shopping downtown but at this point the girls were all tired and I didn't have the double stroller...and even if I did, downtown is not the place to take a double stroller. lol

That's my college right there - those 2 towers.

That picture is the typical scene when driving... a VW van and a motorcycle...that's actually the perfect example of St. Augustine.

The BEST college. Ever.

While we were at my friends' house, the girls decided to have a "dance party" with lights and fog! haha!

If you're into camping - make sure you try out Anastasia State Park! 

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