Friday, May 15, 2015

Big Milestones for the Ross Girls

The girls have had some big milestones lately! 

First up, Caroline... she had her first taste of actual food. I was making shrimp tacos, trying to scoop my avocado and she kept grabbing for it, so I sat her down and tried feeding her some. This is what she did every time I put the spoon in front of her - stinkin' cute!

She really liked it! She hasn't had much food since, but I'm sure I'll start feeding her bananas and other squishy food.

Next milestone is my Autumn's end of year program! She's hard to see, but she's in the back-center with the striped dress.

My mom showed up - I love that they live here now!

After the program, we went back to their room for awards.

Her award with her teacher (Mrs. Giles) and Ms. Giordanno.

My momma with my girls. Brooklynn usually has a huge smile on her face, but for some reason she was super tired this day.

Our real-life family photo! It's never going to be easy to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. Well, at least the star of the day was looking - ha!

To celebrate her big girl day, we headed to Disney afterwards! Why does she look so big here!?

Then, the next day... it was off to the doctors to get her shots updated so I could register her for Kindergarten!

This is such a pathetic sight to see. It's always so hard to see her babies in pain. I mean, the needle is as long as her arm is thick. OUCH!

But my girl is all set for Kindergarten for next year! It'll be so awesome having her at my school with me. I can't wait!

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