Wednesday, May 20, 2015

6 Months Old Caroline!

Well, hello sweet Caroline!

This girl just keep growing like a weed! I don't know how to make her stop either.  

Let's see... 6 months old.

Ok, so she has tried her first taste of food!  It was avocado. She enjoyed it hehe. She's not really used to the whole food on tongue ordeal, but she'll get there.

(don't mind the messy kitchen with the unfinished backsplash - the pool and fence have take over as priority!)

She is gnawing on EVERYthing. She seems to be teething, but I haven't seen any signs of teeth coming in. 

She is still such a happy baby...except when you leave the room or when she's hungry. Understandable though. I get cranky when I'm hungry - ha!

She loves her jumperoo. 

This thing has lived a good life. It was Autumn's, then Brooklynn's, then my friend borrowed it for her son, and now it's Caroline's. She just jumps and jumps and jumps. She loves it.

What she doesn't like? Hanging out on her tummy. She will roll over within a minute or so, which is not going to lend itself to her crawling very

She falls asleep every time we take a walk. lol. Something about being in the stroller I guess.

She talks and laughs and raspberries all the time.  And those eyebrows..they are so expressionate! (is that not a word?? Spell check says no)  When she's tired, her eyebrows turn red. That's how I know it's way passed her bedtime.

STILL spitting up. Not as bad, but when she does, it's award-winning, champion style.  Sometimes I wonder how she even gains weight!

So that's my girl. A half a year old already.  Man.

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