Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve... Florida Style.

Started off with some Beach Yoga.  Yes, Please!

haha! I love this picture

Then it was time to play at the beach! Lish brought trees to the beach, I think that will become something I need to do every year too!

Sandmen building...

Time to go, but with the Sandmen!

Brooklynn's Sandman

Kyzer and Tom's Sandman... Jabba the Hutt. Ha!

But I think the winner is Hendrick's sandman!

Then it was time for PIZZA!

nom nom nom... get in mah belly!

After got home and everyone woke up from their beach-induced naps, it was time to deliver cookies!

They love doing this. We only go to about 4 houses, but they love doing it.

This girl... So stinkin' cute!

Then it was time for all little girls to go to bed so Santa could come drop off presents!

I type up the note from Santa, put the presents in the bags....and bring the Santa key back in the house.

What a crazy few days, but they joy that will happen in the morning will be worth it!

Merry Christmas!!

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