Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Week Before Winter Break

I'm finally on winter break!! Yessssssss!

But let me tell you, the last week of events we had going on will take me the whole time of break to get caught up on. 

It started off with Brooklynn's show on Tuesday... the 3 year old program was so stinkin' cute!

My parents and my cousin came and her kids came... Autumn loves her cousins!

It was hard to get a picture of her on stage, so I took pictures of the big screen. haha

Then we met out in the commons area and took our pictures by the tree.

Nice little family picture :)

Then Ron and I bolted out of there and headed to the King Center to see Carrot Top.

Yes, he's still around....30 years later. He's actually pretty big in Vegas. He grew up around here, so he came home to do a Home Show...I've never seen him. He's pretty funny - he's SUPER fast. The first 5 minutes I really had to focus on him, then I figured out his "timing" and he's pretty funny! haha

Wednesday was my class party day.... 

Lots of goings on there. Lisha came to help out that day!  I sure am going miss having more family around when they go back to Ohio.

Thursday was crazy day, too!

in the morning was Autumn's kindergarten performance, which last about an hour.

Then we headed back to her classroom to hangout with her for a little bit.

Love that my mom was able to come too!

Then we RAN across the street to Calvary to Brooklynn's class thing.

Then it was back to my class to finish off the day. We also had a school lunch-in and gift card exchange.  After that, it was time to gather everyone up and head to gymnastics!

After gymnastics we headed to see Lisha and go through Wickham park to see the lights. The highlight, of course, was riding in the back of the truck. 

Then came Friday.... after a super long day at work, I headed home to get in my workout....

Then my "lobster" came over for winter break happy hour. We usually go to the beach for this day, but Ron wasn't home, so we stayed home. But she's such a good sport with my kids.

Drinking and dancing...not really what it USED to be like, but hey, it is what life is now...we make it work - haha.

Her sister came over too and added to the fun....

So now I'm on break... hoping life is a little calmer now, but who knows. I doubt it. haha

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