Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas Day.

They say there's no greater joy than being a kid on Christmas Day.

I have to disagree.  I think it's better to be a parent on Christmas Day and watching your children.

We don't go ballistic on Christmas. I really don't think it's necessary. I don't want our kids to become greedy. But I know it's so fun to open presents. 

Hahaha. Brooklynn in her bag to get the last present was cracking me up!

Autumn was SO excited about this Ballerina outfit. I don't know why but she wrote it in her letter to Santa and she said it in her Christmas song at school and whenever anyone asked her what she wanted, a Ballerina outfit was on top of her list. So.... the 23rd, I was scouting around town for one. Thank you, Target!

Brooklynn was having so much fun passing out the presents, almost as much as she was opening them.  And sweet Caroline...she couldn't have cared less. haha

She just kept climbing up and down the trunk. 

Santa got me a good present!! (If you've been following my Fitness IG account @healthymamagettingfit , you've know how much I love it!)

The girls got a lot of the {Calico Critters} and {Shopkins}.  They're really good at making them both work at the same time - haha

A little bit later, the family came over. Christmas "dinner" was at our house this year.

Baby Jack and Caroline

And yes, in Florida, we go swimming on Christmas Day!  Our cousins from Ohio were a little perplexed by this tradition.

I actually don't have any pictures from our day with family. Isn't that shocking?!  I was so busy hosting. I will get some pictures from my mom and do another post with her pictures.

That night, the girls started putting together the Legos they got for Christmas.... on the new Lego Table that my Dad built them! 

That table provides hours and hours of entertainment... from Legos, to Calico Critters and Shopkins, to playing restaurant. That table is probably the best thing they got the whole Christmas! (Thanks, Woody!)

Hope your Christmas was filled with Love and Joy!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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