Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Lately

So, this is going to be picture "dumping" kind of post because I realized I haven't posted anything for December yet, except our {Disney trip from last week}.

That's what happens when life is crazy, I guess....

So, #sorrynotsorry

The girls are loving the cooler weather - they are outside all day long now!

wait for me, guys!!

Where ever they go, Caroline must go.

Shopping with 3 small kids....

I should've bought another bottle of wine. haha

Our Pete. He's so old. So fat. So snuggly. He's almost 100 pounds, and he thinks he's a lap dog.

Finally put the star on the tree...after about a week of it being up. haha

We went and saw Santa....that was fun. ha!

The bigger girls loved him....

But not the baby. This was the best picture we could get. 

Lunch afterwards, with our little minions...

That night we went to my cousin's RV. The park they are staying in right now has a light show that you can drive through. So we all piled in the back of their truck...which the girls were TOTALLY stoked about. (don't worry, it's about a 10 mile an hour speed limit through the park).

We got to the entrance and was the WALKING through the park night. No driving allowed. Oops. 

We'll try it again another day, I guess.

The girls also did some Christmas crafts... you can check out more crafts I'm doing in my classroom for our "theme day" {HERE}. 

Then there was the whole "goldfish" mess that Brooklynn made in Caroline's room. Well, you mess it up, you clean it up!

Don't let that pic fool you... she was really enjoying the vacuuming. 

Another milestone... 4 years later, and I finally got up the gallery wall in our living room.  But now... how long will it take for me to change out the "stranger" pictures?? haha

Oh.. then there was that day where I wanted to go to bed at 5:00 in the afternoon.... It was Thursday. Ron took the girls to gymnastics. But as I walked out to the truck in the grassy field in the back of the school, I realized I lost the truck key.

Great. We did NOT have a spare. And I couldn't find it.

An hour later, Ron found it RIGHT NEXT to the darn truck!!

For the love of PETE!

On the way home, Autumn somehow got a bloody nose. For real. People. I was done. D.O.N.E. done! 

But then there's always swimming in December, right?

When the kids are outside playing so nicely, you just get all "mushy" inside.

They frustrate and aggravate me to NO end, but they are so silly, and cute, and squishy, and lovey.

Saturday, we met up with my parents and cousins and went to the Boat Parade down in Grant.

The kids were just playing and playing on the fields. Wide Open Spaces (cue the Dixie Chicks, right!?)

Beautiful Florida sunset.

I won't tell you that the boat parade didn't get to us until an hour after we thought it would.
And I won't tell you that Caroline had had enough the last hour or so that we were there. 
Nope, I'm not going to. Because we were with our family and our kids were loving the time we were there...and it was a beautiful night, and it was great just to be with our family.

The only boat I got a picture of.  haha.

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