Wednesday, December 23, 2015

First Week of Winter Break

So, the first week of Winter Break, hasn't really been a "break" at all. I have been going nonstop since school got out - haha!

First thing I did when I got home on break was work out - because I know my BF Jolyn was coming over and I needed to get it in before she came....

My girls love her and she's so good with them.

We played "shop" celebrated being on break...

Then it was time to dance off our drinks....

The next day, the girls went swimming. 

I got out of my pjs only enough time to workout....

Then it was time to get back IN the PJs  :)

Even cleaned the pool in them...

Insert cute baby picture.... still toofless at 13 months old!

The next day, Autumn started to learn to ride her bike without training wheels.

She started doing really well.... until daddy broke her bike.

such a beautiful day to play outside!

Autumn took it upon herself to go trash pickin' and clean up the lake across our house.

Still managing to fit in workouts throughout the week, despite being so busy!

Going to church with the family...


These kids crack me up.

Family photo op!

Back at the house, the girls always amaze me with their imagination....

and more swimming, in the rain is extra fun!!

Mornings on break are usually great...I get to relax and enjoy my coffee and relish in the smiles that this sweet girl loves to share.

Then I took the girls shopping for their Christmas presents they wanted to get for their cousins. My cousin actually shared this with me. She does it with her boys so I took it upon myself to add it into MY traditions. I gave the girls a dollar for every person they needed to buy for and they could pick out whatever they wanted for them! They LOVED it.

When they got home, they were so excited to wrap their presents! That was daddy's duty. I was off to get last minute things.

I came home from last minute errands to find all these white birds in our yard. The girls were loving them.

Then it was off to my mom's house to have a "wrapping" party with my cousin. 

That night we drove to Celebration for Winter Wonderland. MY BAD. I thought it was only 45/60 minutes away. Yeah. No. It was more like 1.5 hours away - ugh. My spirits were not very high when we got there.

But it was pretty....

And it snowed.....

And we were with family....

And the kids got to ice skate on plastic....

So it wasn't so bad. The kids enjoyed it. But I don't think I'll drive that far again for it. eh.

And the next day mom came over to bake cookies with us. This was the day that everything just went wrong....

The oven wasn't baking "through"
SOMEONE left the fridge in the garage open and everything got hot
Brooklynn's ear started hurting...and made her miserable that night
AND I wasn't feeling good. 

So all that was fun. 

But tomorrow is Christmas Eve. The forecast is sunny. I have beach yoga planned, our annual beach, sandmen, and pizza, and Christmas Cookie Deliveries to do.   It will be a MUCH better day!

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