Monday, April 6, 2015

Paddling on the River

I'm not sure I say it enough, even though I say it all the time....

I sure do love living here!! I love it even more now that my parents live here though.  They love to do things. Like do things outside and different things. The other weekend both of us bought a paddleboard.

Mom had the idea to go out on it on our day off on Good Friday.

What a beautiful day it was!

As soon as we pulled up, the girls ran down and met my dad down in the water and immediately started looking for "treasures." (that's my mom on the paddleboard in the background)

Then it was time to get started paddling!

My momma...

We had the boogie boards in the back of the van, so while we were out paddleboarding, the girls could play on their boards.

After a while, I took the girls out on my paddleboard... paddling with both girls on the board is pretty tricky - but a great workout! ha!

We paddled to a little island out in the river and the girls ran all around it!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the day... Autumn standing on the board with Woody... he can't wait to get her on a surfboard and start teaching her to surf!

Looks like she's headed in that direction!

That's my Autumn out there paddling all by herself!

Baby Caroline had her first taste of "the board."

Just hanging on the board with my girls!

Hanging out with my family in a place I love to live! It really can't get much better!

 My momma and me with my girls - one of my favorite pictures!

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