Friday, April 24, 2015

Life Lately

So life lately...

It has been CRAZY busy. I don't know how...or why, but it has. 

But that doesn't mean you can't take an hour out of your day to go fishing with the kids, right??

Brooklynn has finally gotten to the point where Ron can take her fishing and she won't jump in the water immediately. lol

And, my gosh girl. She is just too stinkin' cute! Even at 5:45 in the morning when she wakes up WAY before she should...but then she puts on her favorite Minnie dress that my BF made for her for her birthday and smiles her big smile...

And my Autumn.... just so creative. She was building a campfire with her Lincoln logs... she was very taken with her camping trip with my parents.  And WHY does she look so old here?

Oh, and I found this FABULOUS tank top.   My favorite girl...wearing glasses! It's like we're a mirror. haha

This may be one of my new favorite pictures... my goofy girls and my sweet Caroline.

So, my "mermaid sister" and I started doing the Bikini Series challenge from the Tone It Up girls.  We bought their Nutrition plan....because well, I just couldn't get over that "hump" I was at after the baby and she's getting married. 

(their doing the mermaid workout in that picture - I mean, COME perfect is this plan!?)

It's probably the best investment.... I love the meal plan and all the recipes!  It has really opened my eyes to how I should be eating and broadening my recipe repetoire. I love most of the recipes too!   Week 2 I was so busy that I didn't get to make a lot of the dinners on the plan, but I had a great "file" of recipes I had as backup from their plan. 

And after 2 weeks I've already lost around 6 pounds!! No pills, no gimmicks...and it's a plan that you can continue on... you can actually live like this.  It's healthy eating and working out. These red pants were ONE of my goal pants and now I can wear them! yay!

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