Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Cemented Hole

More pool updates!!

I came home from work on Tuesday and found some new updates on the pool.

 They added the rock and the "caging" around the inside perimeter of the pool.

That "seat" on the right side is the "sun seat" or something like that... it's an extended step so that I can sit there with friends or sit with the baby.

The girls, of course, had to climb the mountain of dirt.

Here it is with the "caging." I don't know what it's really called and my husband isn't so good at getting pictures or asking questions while I'm at work... doesn't he know that I have to write blog posts?! yeesh!

Today I came home and it was cemented already! 

The girls REALLY wanted to go the pool (our community pool) but I know the water is still too cold for them to swim in it, so we told them they could swim in their little kiddie pool. 

Well, that lasted for all of like 5 minutes, and then they found the dirt mounds....

2 wet kids, a wet dog, and LOTS of dirt.... a kid's dream!

If you know me, you know that I'm somewhat of an organizational and neat freak... just look at my classroom at any point of the To help with this, I just keep telling myself "It's for the greater good," over and over!

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