Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eating Healthy...With TIU

Every time I go grocery shopping, I have the same thought. So I thought I'd finally blog about it.

Do you ever stop and look at your cart as you're shopping??  I have a system of shopping. I do all the aisles first, then I do the perimeter and produce and deli sections.

And when I'm finished going through ALL the aisles, this is usually what my cart looks like:

Yes, shopping with 3 kids is always fun. lol

Really, the only thing I ever get in the aisles are canned veggies (like corn and diced tomatoes), beans, quinoa, spices, and such...

But after I go through the perimeter??

Yep... my cart overfloweth!  And that's really how it should be. Load up on meats, seafood, veggies, fruits, yogurt (I get big tubs of greek 0% fat) and milks...yes milks... we have regular milk, and 3 different kinds of almond milks. 

So this is my fridge when I get home...

Jammed pack! We actually don't even have enough room for all the fruits and veggies...and we have a fridge in the garage for our overflow of milks and veggies and meats.

If you follow me on FB or IG, then you know that I started the Bikini Series from the Tone It Up girls.   
(that's their mermaid workout.. how perfect for me!?)

They give you 8 weeks of meal plans and recipes... I am loving it!!

Here are some of my favorites so far...

The Root Down Salad (minus the beets)

The Spicy Shrimp Tacos - so YUM!!

Quick Bean Salad

And I start my morning with the Bombshell spell... EVERY morning.

 This is the Baja Burrito Bowl... oh my lanta. So good!

And this is the Breakfast Banana Bowl... or was. Haha

I'm going to be honest here. I do NOT like spinach. I have tried it every way possible. I WANT to like it because I know what a superfood it is. The Breakfast Banana Bowl calls for spinach to be blended in the yogurt. I was going to bypass this recipe. So glad I didn't! ! It was so good! 

After 2 weeks of doing the TIU Nutrition Plan I can feel such a difference in my body from eating the RIGHT way...things I never would've tried on my own. AND I can see a difference in my body. My tire is slowly shrinking...but the amount of "grab" I have on my sides is significantly smaller and my stomach is tighter! I love it!

Of course I'm still getting in my workouts when I can. I try to go running at least twice a week and run at least a 5K.  I try to do yoga at least once, if not twice and the other workouts I like to do weights. LOVE Pump from Beachbody!

Just remember...  if you don't try, you're going to get the same results you've always gotten. And my friend posted this on her FB the other day, and I think it's so perfect!

So now, I must go and meal prep what I can for the week!! Kia Kaha!

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