Monday, April 20, 2015

5 Month Old Caroline!

So this girl...

This girl that just lights up my day.... who gets this HUGE smile when she sees me for the first time that day or morning....

She's 5 months old now.

Seriously.  I can't believe it. But she is.

So what is Caroline like at 5 months old???

She smiles A LOT.  When I get her out of her bed or come home from work, I get this HUGE smile from her and it just brightens my day.  She loves her sisters too. When they went camping for the weekend and came back after being gone for 2 days, Caroline just got the biggest smile on her face when she saw Autumn. Just makes my heart smile!

She is ALMOST rolling over from her back to her stomach. She's been rolling from stomach to back since the day she was 4 months old.

She's scooting on her back now. Ready to move!

She's BACK to sleeping all night again! YAY!! There was about 2 weeks where she was waking up multiple times a night. She has NEVER done that...and let me tell you, that was NOT good for me...or my kids. lol  But it must have been teething or growing pains because she's back to normal now.

She is STILL spitting up...all.the.time! 

She's wearing 6 month sleepers because she's so long, but her shorts and shirts are still really lose for 3-6 month clothes. 

Life is so crazy with these girls... never clean, never dull, never calm.  But when you look at them like this, in all their goofiness, sweetness, and cuteness.... how can you not love them!?

Happy 5th birthday my sweet girl!!

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