Friday, March 27, 2015

Officially Beach Season

It's beach season!!  So excited! The beach is our happy place... I'm telling you. This particular day, the girls were driving. me. CRAZY. Finally, I made the decision...we needed a beach day. And can I tell you? As soon as we got our toes in the sand, our day was so much more calm!

Oh. My. Lanta. Can you tell just how much Caroline loves the beach!?

She's one of us!  Just look at that smile. This was her first official beach day. She's been before, but not to where she got to go in the water and play in the sand. 

Autumn wanted a turn SO bad to hold Caroline in the water. 

And then the girls were off to the water - never to return until it was time to leave! That's my girls for ya... always in the water.

At one point, Autumn says, "Mommy, we love the beach!!"

I know baby, I know.

I also got myself a new toy! A paddleboard! I have been debating for years now if I really wanted one. Well, I finally made the decision. I got a really good price since I got it from my brother, so I just had to get it.

Can't wait to take it out!

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