Friday, April 3, 2015

More Kitchen!

We are this close to being finished with the kitchen!! Check out the before and after {HERE}

We just need to paint, put in the backsplash, and do the floor.

So on this day, we dropped off the 2 older kids at the sitter's and it was our day to get it done.

But, here's the thing...Ron doesn't actually like my painting, so I usually don't do too much painting. lol. Fine by me!

He still has to do the ceiling and wall where we redid the pantry.

And I got to play with the drill... I always love working with the drill... but not as much as a jack-hammer...haha!

See the difference!?  It's already so much more open and "airy!" I love it!

we didn't finish because we got distracted by getting ready for the pool....with the jack-hammer! But hopefully soon we'll get the backsplash and get that up...

In other news... we finally bought the backsplash!  I'm not sure Ron much favored the one I picked out, but at this point, I don't think he much cares. haha!

Here we are at our favorite store these days...

Then after so long, this happens...

But sweet Caroline was doing just fine!  Look at that happy girl. She is such a happy baby, always smiling and laughing and talking

Then it's on to the floor! 

We have been searching for the perfect tile...and I found it! But then I didn't....

Let me get a little closer for you... do you see that?!  It says "SOLD OUT!"  Boo! 

And the actual manufacturer doesn't make it anymore.

Ugh. you see the price they had it at!? Seriously. I mean, c'mon!

oh well.  We'll just keep on looking I guess.

And my next problem... what to do with this space.  It's not big enough for a eat-in-nook...and we don't need a table and chairs since we have one in the dining room. It's really not even wide enough for a table over a window bench. Do you see how the table is pushed all the way to the windows?? There definitely wouldn't be any room if it was out to let people sit at it. 

So...what do I do!?

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