Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Water Life

On the news reports, we keep hearing about all these horrible storms that are coming our way. Every day. Well, the days come and go and no storm!  But this is typical Florida weather. The mornings are bright and sunny and blue...and then the showers come in the late afternoon.  That's just what it is during the summer. So I guess our summer weather has started.  That's fine by me! Because just look at this view!!

The sweet baby girl doesn't hurt the view either.

Look at those baby blues!  They just melt my heart.

Her fingers are constantly shoved in her mouth. It's usually just one, which is just so darn cute. But I think it's safe to say that baby girl is teething. She's fine though...except at night of course - ugh!

The waves were actually really good that day... but of course i was at the beach with no board.

That's ok. The girls and me were having fun on the sand. I mean, how can you go wrong with just being at the beach??

These silly little girls always make me smile....even if it's a seaweed smile!

Another weekend Funday activity we seem to make a constant is on Sunday mornings going paddleboarding with my parents. They switched church services to Saturday night so that we could have fun Sunday mornings.

This time we took the dogs with us. We want to get them to be board dogs.

 They are definitely water dogs!

I think Pete is too old to try something so new and hard on his body, but he sure was loving the water!

My parents brought their dogs too.

Champ was just jumping on all the boards; paddleboards and surfboards alike.

Autumn practiced her surfing skills. My dad just can't wait to get her her own surfboard and start teaching her in the waves.

Champ was doing really good with it! It took a while to teach him how and where to get on the board and where he needed to be, but he did pretty well for his first time...and for being such a puppy.

Autumn started paddling him around too.

Here's all the small dogs... paddling around with Autumn and my dad.

And then when it comes to doing errand like grocery shopping, their just so tired from all of our fun in the sun...they crash in the cart, face down.... in the Pirate's Booty! haha

BUT, I'm ok with them crashing in the cart from having fun being kids. Better than them becoming couch potatoes, right?!

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