Thursday, March 26, 2015

POOL update!

Our pool is finally moving and grooving!   Which means we had to get going on some things that needed to be taken care of before they start digging!

First up.... trees.

It really saddens me to cut down trees, but some of them just have to go. Since we're not screening in the pool (I'm a FL girl...I don't do screen in pools! ha!), most Pine trees have to go and then the tree with the yellow bucket had to go.Which is a shame because that's the girls' climbing tree.

Oh well... a pool is on the line here!  So here is the backyard before they cut down the trees.

Then, on Tuesday, Ron's friends from work came and did the cutting.


That's all we saw, because then we left for Disney - haa!

We came home at night, so I couldn't really see the difference. But the next day, there was a nice big opening in our backyard...perfect for a pool!

I am keeping the palm trees...because what goes with a pool better than palm trees!?  My plan is to keep the Oak tree, but I have been warned that it might have to go too...but we're going to try to keep it!

And here is the nice big opening for the pool!

So the next item on the list.... sprinklers.  Which ones stay and which ones go??  We have to cap off the ones that are going but somehow keep the line going to the ones that are connected to it that we still need. Oy!

Looks like fun, doesn't it!?

Can we just talk about the mess that I can not keep out of my house right now!?

Between Wonder Woman tracking in wet dirt (that's what it's not mud. We don't have mud in FL)

The dogs needing a bath every day because they love to play outside in all the dirt holes/piles.

And sassy little girls who love to play in the "mud"....I just can't keep my house clean!

Problem!! We found that a lot of the sprinkler lines go under the concrete slab. Awesome. oh well. we have to bust that out anyway.

Enter...jack-hammering fun!

Seriously...look at how thick that slab is!

I'm not going to lie. Jack-hammering is kind of fun! lol

While the actual break-up process didn't take that's probably going to take about 8-10 trips to the dump to get rid of the couple thousand pounds of concrete.

BUT at least the slab is all busted up!

Tomorrow the pool company is coming to take out the sod...and then Monday they are digging! yay!

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