Wednesday, July 9, 2014

They "Joys" of Pregnancy

*I am mostly writing this entry so that I can look back and remember my journey with baby C. I'm sure it can be of some entertainment for you too! 

There are many "joys" of pregnancy...some are joyous and some are those that you don't want the world to see. Today, I'm talking about the latter.

This pregnancy, along with my first two pregnancies, is extremely easy. I have had no "symptoms" of being pregnant; no sickness, no pains, no weird things happening. Which is awesome! I love it, I love being pregnant. A lot of my friends want to throw tomatoes at me, or worse, but I'm okay with that. ha! 

BUT, because of this, I think my husband "forgets" that I'm pregnant. He forgets that just because I have had such an easy pregnancy, minus the first trimester exhaustion, doesn't mean that I don't have a roller coaster of hormones raging through my body! What he thinks is such a minute thing could be the thing that sets me off into a storm of tears and hysteria. haha.

The other day, I about had a breakdown. I am a very organized and planned out person and when things aren't happening that way, I tend to get stressed out.  I am also very controlling (yes, I realize this) but I don't like to do everything, but I don't like when things aren't being done to my liking (yes, I also realize that this is just stupid!). Add in pregnancy hormones? Then it appears as though I'm legitimately pschyo.  While this does occur, it isn't who I am all the time. lol. It's just every once in a while when something finally triggers my "blow up."

Well, that morning, it was that I was just feeling fat. Not pregnant, but fat. I know, I know. I'm pregnant, not fat. I'm growing a life, my body changes. I KNOW this...I say this to many of women and myself constantly! BUT, I was seriously in such hysterics because of the lack of plans, lack of order, and lack of "fitness" of my body the other day. My poor husband had no idea what to do. So as I was crying and vacuuming (yes, I know. I'm weird. I clean when I'm upset), I decided I needed to go for a jog. So I put on my shoes and shorts (well, THAT made me break down again...shorts not fitting - haha!), turned on my running music, and went for about 3-4 miles. 

I don't know how many of you are runners. But there's something about it. Running to the beat of the songs, sweat and sore legs, beating times (not so much these days), and just feeling so much better afterwards. It is incredibly amazing how working out or running can really turn your day around. When I came back, I felt so much better! 
(and p.s. - the comments I got on IG were SO sweet! Thank you all! You really know how to make a girl feel better!)

(20 weeks bump!)

That day, I had a lot planned... lunch date with friends and their kiddos and the beach. My spirits were still up. Then, we went to our ultrasound. We got to see our little baby girl!  She is quite the fidgety one, just like her sisters - oh boy! Even now, as I'm typing this, she is moving like crazy! Of course, seeing "C" made me feel like a nimrod for going emotionally crazy earlier.  I took a step back later that night and just marveled at the enormous span of emotions I had experienced just in that one day. I'm seriously amazed that pregnant women aren't hospitalized in a psychiatric ward sometimes. haha!

Hopefully, I'm not the only one out there who goes through all these emotion in one day! That might make me go crazy....again. lol!

On the other joyous note....
These days "C" is moving around like crazy! The nurse said that she saw everything she needed to see in the ultrasound and that everything was looking good. Whew! She appears to be growing right on schedule, still for a due date of Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving!

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