Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Road Trip Day 1

We have officially left for our road trip! We were going to leave right after Ron got off work, so we had to drop off Pete the day before.

Autumn was NOT happy about that, she thought we were never going to get him back, and she cried all the way home.

Then, the next morning, we packed it all up, and headed for the highway!

I thought I would do a little reading for our book club, but about 5 minutes into that, I realized I was still one of those people that gets car sick... well, I tried at least!

And the few stops we had to make weren't bad. Actually, the kids were pretty good on the first day of driving, better than what I had envisioned anyway! ...especially once Brooklynn fell asleep! They watched LOTS of new movies and ate LOTS of snacks.

We decided that since were headed to Savannah, we might as well make a stop for lunch there. Last time we were there was our 1 year wedding anniversary.

We stopped at a place on Dockside for lunch.

Then headed around town just to see around and then go to the fountain where we took our picture last time.

We did get a family picture, but Autumn was a little passed out, but we got one nonetheless!

Savannah is so pretty, I love the historic characteristics of the whole town.

But what I don't like is the unfriendliness for strollers. There are stairs everywhere and the streets and sidewalks are ridiculous. If you were just walking on foot, and didn't have strollers, you probably wouldn't notice though.

The, back into the car we went, headed towards Charleston.  When we got there, we headed into town (after checking into our hotel) and went down by the water. We had dinner and then headed to a boardwalk and just relaxed a little. 

I really can't get over this sunset. Is this not the prettiest picture ever?

I'll be back with Day #2...we aren't quite done with it yet!


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  1. Looks soo pretty! I have never been there and it looks like a nice place for a vacation!
    Enjoy :)