Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The other day, I found something that seriously made me jump for joy.

The Walgreens App.

Yep. I know. 

But seriously!?! WHERE has this App been my whole life!?!  It is THE easiest way to print your pictures!! 

You literally just click the pictures to upload, and you can choose from your IG account, phone, or FB account. It's so simple! 

SO I quickly just chose 16 pictures to print up for my new Insta-Collage Frame I got off of modcloth.com

But I also found it on Amazon... check it out HERE.

I forsee LOTS of pictures being switched in and out... I also REALLY like the idea of dedicating a space on the wall to instagram photos...and making like a heart pattern??

See the pin HERE

But then I really like the canvas montage too...

See the pin HERE

And I really like the idea of having the BIG white border frames for the IG pictures..

Like this...

see the pin HERE

Or this...
see the pin HERE

My friend showed me a website called Polaroid Fotobar. It's pretty cool actually, lots of neat ideas.

One of them I really like is this one...

product link HERE

That one might be a cool DIY project! 

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