Monday, July 7, 2014

New Camera!

So I got a new toy the other day!!  I am SOOO excited about it!!  

(and don't mind my gi-gantore man hands in the forefront of this picture!)

It's my UNDERWATER camera!!! I figured since we spend SO much time in some sort of water, it was about time I invest in a water I bit the bullet (I'm such a cheapo!)

After doing my research (aka - asking on FB if anyone had a favorite and THEN I researched THOSE - what?? It's like getting PERSONAL product reviews), I got an {Olympus Stylus}.

 It's SO small... like a regular "purse camera" as I used to call my old little small camera. I love it! I can use it as a regular camera too... it stays in my purse AND in my beach/pool bag! I have been taking lots of pictures with it the last few days. PLUS, it's SHOCKproof up to 7 feet, so if one of my little "cuties" decides to drop the camera, it won't break instantly like my other camera did. (oh, the joys of motherhood).

I have not edited this picture at all, so you can see the quality of pictures it takes.

My Autumn LOVES that I have a camera that can go underwater now. I mean look at her... she is nothing but smiles!! She is truly my little mermaid.

Here's to many more water pictures!

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