Tuesday, October 6, 2015

St. Augustine Camping

Last weekend, I crashed another one of my parents' camping trips. They went to St. Augustine again, but to a different campground. This one was Faver Dykes. It was a nice (and small) camground...and I never even knew it was part of St. Augustine - ha!

So we loaded up the rental and drove up there on Saturday early morning.

This is the long and windy entrance road to the campsite. It was like we were in a different state - not Florida!

We got there and went on a nature hike right away. We needed our legs stretched out from the drive. They're trying to find "the swamp" haha... it's the WHOLE cleared out land. But they didn't get that you couldn't SEE the swamp.

Finishing up the hike. I just love how my girls love my dad.

Then we went to the Farmer's Market on the Island - such a GREAT one!

Then we all loaded up in our car and headed out to downtown....because you can't go to St. Augustine and not go to downtown.

We ended up parking outside the main parking area, which was around my school. So I had to take a picture by the sign as we passed it. 

I took this same picture 15 years ago, the week I moved in to Flagler. And now...15 years later, life has changed and grown in so many directions.

We headed for lunch. We at lunch at "Forida Cracker" which was quite yummy! 

But one of my other favorite lunch spots is Pizzalley's. The best pizza ever!

Then, we headed to the NEW Tervis store! oh yeah - Caroline needed her own Tervis! Now we all have our own Tervis cups.  I call that a win!

(PS - that woman in the orange shirt?? That's my mom! Buying her first Tervis. I have passed on the addiction - I think I should start getting commission..haha!)

For dessert, we went to the Hyppo.

Um. Seriously. The best thing ever! I would get this weekly if we had one. It's ALL natural. No dyes, no artificial anything, just 100% goodness. My girls got the strawberry popsicle and I got the chocolate with sea salt. Yes.  It was so yum!!!

Then, after a few more shops, we headed over to the beach. With the hurricane, the waves were pretty good. Woody was drooling. It was beautiful.

back at the camp... cracking open some nuts we found on the trail that morning.

Time for another "hike" around the trail to explore and find bugs!

These leaves were so pretty! Almost translucent.

Collecting more nuts.

Relaxing before dinner.

Caroline entertaining us a little bit.

That night we had dinner and put the kids to bed...except Caroline was NOT having it. I finally took her for a walk in the stroller to get her to go to sleep. She did, but when I tried to move her to the bed. she woke up. I finally got her to sleep, but then she woke up screaming around 2:30... and after sitting OUTSIDE in the 60 degree chilly night for about 3o minutes, I got her back to sleep. But then she did it AGAIN around 4:30. I have NO clue what her problem was. With babies, it could be anything, sometimes.  I finally went in our car, strapped her in the carseat and put myself in the driver seat. I let her cry it out and we both slept in the car until about 7:30. 

For real. 

That was the least fun experience I've had with a kid in a pretty long time.  But we survived, and the next day, she was back to being all smiles.

I mean, how can you stay mad at that face!?!

My hot mess kids. I love that they love going camping. I love that we get to crash my parents' camping trips. I feel pretty lucky that I have my family here. This picture just says it all.  

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