Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our anniversary!! Happy 7 years, Ronnie-boy!

Normally, this would be a day of celebration of another year of marriage.

(See?? Just because you "elope" doesn't mean your marriage won't last!)

But not this weekend.  Not because we don't love each other or anything. But because pretty much our WHOLE house has spent the weekend sick and miserable.

We were supposed to be up north frolicking in the fall leaves, but Ron couldn't get off work. Guess that worked out for the best.

It started with me on Thursday night. When I was driving home from our Halloween party, I started to get what I thought might be a migraine.  I came home to one of the dogs peeing in the house and had to clean that up with my migraine. Awesome.

That night I barely got any sleep because I was in a lot of pain. The next morning I went to work, but it was a PD day so I thought I could make it through anyway.

Well, as the morning progressed, I couldn't do it anymore. My principal let me go home the rest of the day sick. Awesome. I'll go home and sleep it off.

Yeah. Right.  Came home to a miserable Caroline.

It took me about 2 hours, but I finally go her to sleep. I took my temperature after that....

It was almost 103!!! 


Well, the baby was in bed, and that's where I was headed. I slept the rest of the day away and spent the majority of Saturday in bed too.

Sweet little Autumn made me a picture.

(maybe my black hair means its time make a hair appt?? haha)

This is also the time that Ron decided to start purging, cleaning, and redoing the office, so my house was a DISASTER and I couldn't help. At all.

Sunday, our actual anniversary, Ron had to go to work. Thankfully, I woke up that morning mostly returned to the land of the living because all 3 girls were miserable. Caroline  wouldn't let me put her down for anything. (and don't mind my hair - that is my "I've-been-in-bed-for-3-days-and-now-my-children-are-all-sick" hair.)

Currently, Autumn is sleeping because she has started a fever and Brooklynn threw up on Saturday. And Caroline is still very whiny and needy. I have gotten NOTHING done today. My house is a disaster, I am way behind on things for work, and I have meal prepped NOTHING for the week - or even grocery shopped for that matter.

Regardless. Today is the day that we can celebrate that we've made it another year. This last year has really added in some "fun" with a 3rd baby, a house renovation, a pool, and just life in general.  Somehow, I feel like we're stronger and "better" in many ways.  Here's to another year of memories!

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