Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goodbye September!

What a crazy month September is!! Between the beginning of the school year, Autumn's birthday, and just every day life.... I'm not sure how how much more we can cram into the month.

Here's our September in Review

Autumn turned 6 - check it out {HERE}

We FINALLY finished the kitchen's backsplash!  I also painted one of the stool to see if I would like the color combo - I LOVE it, actually!

The girls have been obssessed with Just Dance Videos on YouTube. They are so cute to watch. You can see the ones I have save in my Just Dance Playlist {HERE}.

Autumn has also been watching a lot of "How To" YouTube videos, so she's been making clothes for Elsa with Play-Doh. haha. Whatever. She's the creative type, I guess.

And we've had some "hang and be silly" times whenever we can.

Not sure how I ever get anything done with how cute these kids are. haha

Caroline started sleeping in her crib at night....mostly. You can check out her 10 month old post {HERE}

We had to have a rental car - and all they had was a sedan.  Brooklynn loved the tiny car because it was tiny like her!

Caroline has had QUITE the month... sleeping in the crib, learning to stand all by herself.

Autumn started Awanas. She and Brooklynn go on Wednesdays with my parents. Brooklynn gets to be in Awanas when she's 4. She's pretty excited.

September was filled some great beach days. Including some days where Autumn surfed!

We had a busy weekend with family in from Hawaii. 

Friday's Fun {HERE

Saturday's Fun{HERE

Sunday's Fun {HERE}

Sometimes you just have be goofy. I'm not sure I could love this girl's smile any more than I do. It just lights up my day!

AND September means I can start running again!!

This girl... I just can't even. 

Bringing my work home with me is sometimes futile. haha

The last week of the month was a little more crazy than I wanted, complete with a car accident...I call that week {The Week of Chaos}.

But to end our September, Caroline took her first steps!

Oh, October - I love you so!! I can't wait to see what the next month will bring.

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