Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween Party

We got our costumes early- on time, but early for us! haha

Autumn was pretty excited about her costume, she decided she needed to draw a picture of it!

AND I was lucky enough to find one for Caroline - yessss!

So, our annual Halloween party was after school one day. I was pretty excited about it and changed at work... I texted my "I'm-super-excited-but-so-tired-but-I'm-still-coming-because-I-love-you-guys" face to my friends. lol. Little did I know I was on my way to being on my death bed.

I picked up the girls from Mimi's and changed them there.

But FIRST, we eat!

Even Super Heroes have to eat, right!?

Cutest little Bat-Girl, ever!

When we got there, we didn't waste any time having fun!! We can always count on Jen. She's so great!  First up, Boo-Sack Races.

LOVE this picture!!

Side line cheerleaders :)

I just love all their smiles!

Spoon-egg relay...

She's too busy eating an apple to care. lol. Not really eating, since she still has NO teeth.

Bobbing for apples!! This is Autumn's favorite. She asked about it for like a week!

Brooklynn's first time doing it! hahahha! It was the funniest thing to watch her. So glad April caught this moment!

Before the sun went down...had to get our pic! I love these ladies!

Let's get another one!

hahaha! I love this picture.

That Autumn.... such a good photographer! ha!

Mommas and their "babes" (minus 1).

My ladies!

Thank you, Jen! For another wonderful Halloween party!

{Here's last year's} party (and some Pumpkin Poop discussion - ha!)

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