Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Patch Tradition

So, here in Florida, we don't really have pumpkin patches. Like, pumpkins-still-on-the-vine patches. BUT, we make do with what we have.

And now we have a tradition. To go to this same patch with our friends each year and get our pictures.

My little Princess Brooklynn

So, here are all our kiddos...minus two (Matteson couldn't make it)

Here was 2014...

2013...hahha...this makes me laugh.


All da babies! Brooklynn is in the gray, with Hankie and Hudson to her right.

2011... My sweet Autumn. An only child. So cute. And so little.

2010.  Omgosh. I melt.

And October 2009. Autumn's first Pumpkin Patch. She was just over a month old. And I had DARK brown hair.  It was my "fall" hair.

Flash forward to this week.

I just love these kids. They all love each other!

And all of us moms are the best of friends. (Matty - we need to photoshop you in!)

Caroline's first pumpkin patch...

This girl just melts my heart. Her smile just brings such happiness to my day!

All of these girls. I mean, really. We are in for some serious trouble later in tomorrow - ha!

Oh, Caroline....

See?? She doesn't always smile. haha

Another year of tradition. We might all have crazy schedules, but we make time for each other!

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