Monday, November 10, 2014

Starting with the End

With my parents back, that means that we can start working on my inside house projects while  we are working on the pool project. The pool project is going to take forever to get started because we're not just doing a pool - we're also adding in a "pool house" which is a shed/workshop for Ron as well as an "overhang" - kind of like another mini covered patio by the pool on the outside of the shed. And of course, we'll be putting in a fence.  This is all taking way to long for me. I just want to get started... forget the site plan and permit and survey and such. Can we just start digging, please??

Anyway, I also have a whole list of other things that I want done to the inside of the house. 

Well, my dad is ready to start on those whenever we are ready! BUT, we realized that everything we want to get done has to go with the flooring we're going to be putting in. But we're not putting the flooring in until last because we're remodeling the whole kitchen layout and my master bath layout.  

But we still need to know the floor we want so we can get our cabinets and countertops to "match."

So we went to Lowes today to find some flooring. 

There is a constant joke - if your marriage can survive the building of a house (or the remodel of a house), then you're probably going to make it all the way. lol. I get that. We haven't even barely begun.... this is going to be fun! haha! I mean seriously, Ron is shade blind... should he even get a say in colors?? lol! 

Let's talk flooring, for a minute, shall we??

We want wood - or the wood look.  My friend put the tile that looks like wood in her house and I really like it, so that's the way I was going to go. 

This is, essentially, the look I'm going for:

see pin {HERE}
Ron really likes the dark wood and furniture. I do too, but I don't want everything to be dark, I like the contrasting colors. and the cream color furniture and cabinets can go either way - shabby shic, antique, or beachy chic.  

So now the problem is... what kind of floors to get. Wood or tile??
When I say wood, I don't mean like REAL wood because the kids and furniture will definitely scratch it up. And I don't want laminate.  I mean like Bamboo or Pergo wood...the strong stuff!

Or the tile that looks like wood?? Our house has REALLY tall vaulted ceilings in every room (totally unnecessary and a pain in the but, if you ask me). so the tile makes everything echo. Plus, if you chip or crack the tile, it's really noticeable.

The engineered wood, like bamboo or pergo is really strong wood... but I wonder about wet spills... and scratches??

Anyone have any insights??

So, while the inside is moving along, let's talk about where we are with the outside.

Well, we've signed the contract with the pool company. 

He's come out and spray painted our lawn and put in stakes, which of course, we've already moved and now have to have him back out to redo where the pool and patio are going. 

This is going nowhere fast.  I'm already annoyed at it because I want it yesterday. I'm impatient and I loathe paperwork... I know - not good for being a teacher, either. I get the irony.

But do you see all those pine needles?? I'm so excited because those pine trees have to get cut down for our pool!!! Oh darn. I hate pine trees.  Thankfully, we are working around my cluster of oak trees and palm trees. Those I must keep!

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  1. My parents have a Pergo floor and it stood up against a hard to train puppy! There are no scratches or stains on the floor. It looks great!