Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ready for Baby C!

So, last Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. Just a regular ole check-up on the baby...

She already a wild one...ha!  Movin' all over the place, making it hard to get a good heartbeat.

She's head down and way down too.  Doctor says that I could be starting my real contractions any day now...I have contractions all the time, but just the braxton hicks ones...

So, since he said that she could come any day now, I kind of am in the mood to make sure she has the necessities ready for her arrival.

It's so funny.... 

When you have your first baby, everyone who is on their "multiple" kid tells you what you need to have - and that list is vastly different from what you think you need as a first time parent.

But you don't believe them.

Then, eventually, you figure out that they were right. All along.


So, here's what we have for Baby C - and I think we're ready!

We have:

1. pack n' play - she has a place to sleep now!  No place for a crib since my parents may still need the spare room, which is fine because both A and B slept in our room until they were 6-9 months old.

2.  bathtub - got it out of the attic!

3. boppy - that is actually one wise investment (we still had ours from A)

4. a pack of NB and size 1 diapers - don't know which size she'll need and for how long. Autumn stayed in NB for 3-4 months, while B was out of them much quicker

5.  clothes - yep... all kinds of good handme downs! lol

6.  nursing paraphernalia - just had to go re-buy all of my nursing tanks, bras, and pads. I still have my nursing cover that my sister made for me when I had A.

7. moby wraps - didn't need to buy these... still had 2 from when I had A; just needed to wash them

8. diaper bag - not really a diaper bag... just a bigger purse. I tend to just throw wipes and diapers and a change of clothes in a ziploc bag and then throw it in my purse. I don't want to carry around two bags....shoot. I don't even want to carry a purse most of the time as it is, so this works well for me.

9. Car seat - got them out of the attic and washed the covers - check!

So, I think we're ready... After a few kids, you kind of know what you are really going to need and don't make much to do about it.  I don't view it as "so sad for the baby for getting the shaft" as much as I do as being "realistic" with our money and needs.  Right?

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  1. We had a changing table for baby A... baby B and baby C were changed on the bed. #priorities :) Praying for a safe and healthy delivery!