Friday, November 28, 2014

Weekly Ramblings - Caroline's First week!

Caroline's first week has been great! She is such a sweet, innocent little girl.  

She sleeps LONG periods of time. I'm talking like 4-7 hours at a time. During the day, during the night. Whenever she sleeps, it's a long haul.  Which is awesome! Most people say to wake the baby to feed them every 3-4 hours. Well, not me. The girl more than makes up for her long sleeps when she's awake. She cluster feeds for a few hours, and then goes right back to sleep. Her pediatrician is right on board with me, saying as long as she's gaining weight, then no need to wake a sleeping baby.

Well, sometimes I think about waking her because my boobs are in so much pain! lol

The girls LOVE her. They constantly want to hold her or help with her. Sometimes, too much.

My mom has been a HUGE help in keeping the girls entertained and doing things with them. That's what we really need help most with. The baby aspect? We got this. But I can't really keep on the move with A and B and they really need that.

My mom took them to a fun little "snow village" that was put on by a church. Autumn got to ice skate for the first time, and she LOVED it. Too bad there isn't an ice skating rink around for her to do figure skating or ice hockey. I bet she would love it! 

And since I can't sit very well during this whole healing process, but I know I can't get up and walk for long periods of time yet, I have resorted to cleaning and organizing my house.

This was the day I decided to purge/organize my pantry.  It's pretty sad at how much food we have. 

I really need to start looking in my pantry and making our meal lists based on what we already have. lol and NOT leaving my grocery list on the counter when I go I'm second guessing if I have "this" and just go ahead and get it anyway. 

On another note... Caroline was due on Thanksgiving Day. And on that day, we already had our sweet little Caroline. I couldn't wish for anything else. I am so thankful for all my girls!

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