Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn Rose's Birth Story

Going back in time and writing about my 2 girls' birth stories is probably not what I should be doing right now in the midst of all the chaos that IS my life right now.

But to me?

It's top priority. I don't want to ever forget. So I want to write it down to have it forever.

So, here is her story.

I woke up that morning to go to work.  Autumn wasn't due for a few more days.

I was having some cramping, but didn't know if it was THE cramping.  So I called my friend, Kristi (T.) and she told me to stay home from work. She has 3 kids, so I figured she knew what she was talking about..ha!

They continued to get worse and around 9 or 10 that morning, my doctor told me to head to the hospital. Later that day, I was having full-blown contractions, but I was barely dilated. So they eventually broke my water for me... AND gave me the epidural. That was pure heaven.

I was feeling fine and dandy, and then around 9:00 Ron got restless... and hungry. So he headed to the "cafe" to get some dinner for us. Welllll.... he almost missed the birth of his first-born! I was sitting there thinking "hmm... it feels like one of the cords is being tugged on, so I called the nurse in to check my cords to make sure they were all where they needed to be. At this time, Ron came back with food and I told him that I just sent for the nurse. The nurse came, looked, and said...
"Oh, that's because I can see the head!"

Um... excuse me?!

Here we go!!

5 minutes of pushing and Autumn Rose was born: 

September 3, 2009
7 pounds, 12 ounces
9:42 p.m.
20 1/4 inches long

My little girl has since given us so many joys, and so much love and laughter...along with frustrations.  She is such a great big sister (most of the time) and still loves to be my little cuddlebug.


  1. How beautiful. Just beautiful. I am feeling a bit mooshy right now... Love your photos, too!

  2. Here's hoping your next daughter arrives so quickly! Love the photos of Autumn in her daddy's fire hat!