Monday, September 21, 2015

Family Weekend - Sunday!

Sunday was our last day of our little family reunion weekend. 

(See our Thanksgiving Dinner we did on Friday HERE)
(See our Fun Saturday Day HERE)

So Sunday.

Sunday was our planned family picnic at the beach day. Not to be confused with our impromptu family day at the beach on Saturday. haha.  We rented a pavilion on the beach. The kids got there and were ready to head on down to the water. 

And some stayed up top and were diving into the watermelon. The face says it all.

Hans and Hossie having a little talk.

The babes were having fun in the cooler. Some icy water to keep them occupied.

Back down on the sand, the kids were having fun in the water. Ron was pulling them on the boogie board and "gliding" them.

and building sandcastles...well, actually, snowmen....

and trying to keep babies from destroying them.

Grandpa Woody helping little Joshua.

Then Hans took Autumn out to surf.

Yeah, girll!!!!!

So stinkin' proud of her!!!

Baby Jack and Demi as the cheering squad.

Grandpa Woody keeping the littles entertained. If you could have heard those laughs and giggles.

Mermaid Autumn!

Ron "saved" Jason from the rough waters. haha. Always on duty.

THEN it was time to get a picture of all the kids. hahahahahaha.


Hans trying to make Jack happy and Brooklynn lose her grumpy look....

None of the kids were laughing, but the adults were CRACKING up...

Then Hans tried a new technique...haha.

Well, folks. What do you want. It's a whole bunch of kids ages 10 months to 10 years (almost).

And Joshua gets the prize for being the best in the picture!! haha. Such a cutie.

Then it was time to clean up and head home.

But not before some more family photos.

Nana and Hoss - the head of the family.

And our attempt at a family photo. Just need Erich and Karissa and their baby girls and it'd be a complete family pic.

Then the girls had to say goodbye. I have a feeling that Autumn will be asking for Faith for a long time to come.

Cute little girls.  Maybe next time we'll visit Hawaii!

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