Friday, September 18, 2015

Family Weekend - Friday!

So this weekend was a fun, family-filled weekend. The Hawaiians were in town. Which is so great. We love them. The girls love their cousins. And I love watching the girls have so much fun with their cousins. I wish we all lived closer so we could raise the kids together.

So, while they are here longer than 3 days, we get to see them for 3 days because they are going all over the place visiting family. That's ok - we'll take the 3 days.


Friday was "Thanksgiving" at my parents' house.  I left from work and headed straight there. This was the day AFTER Open House, so I got home at 8:00 on Thursday night and made the stuffing for dinner on Friday. Friday morning I drove to my parents' house BEFORE work to drop off Brooklynn and the food for the dinner. Then after work, picked up Autumn and Caroline and headed over for some fun with the fam! Ron, of course, was working this day.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of the kids. Playing on the dock...which is almost flooded because of the nonstop rain we've been having and just being kids. 

Next time, we'll have even more kids added to the line with Erich and Karissa's kids AND Jack and Caroline.

So, this was everyone pitching in to make Thanksgiving dinner.  In September. Yep. It was. And it was awesome!

Dessert time!

Hossie playing with Jack. I'm bummed it was a blurry picture, it was so cute to watch.

Me and my baby girl!

Tomorrow is another day!

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