Sunday, September 20, 2015

Caroline - 10 Months Old

Today marks 10 months that Caroline has entered into our world. 

I really can't get enough of this girl. Her laugh and giggles just make my day.

So, what has Caroline learned her last month?

Well, she REALLY likes solid foods. In fact, I only nurse her in the morning for breakfast, at night for dinner, and if she wakes up in the middle of the night. Other than that, she is on all solids. 

EVERYTHING is going in her mouth these days.

This picture is one of my favorites... 

"Caroline is on the loose and she's considered armed and dangerous." haha

She's an expert crawler now...climbing over ledges and down steps, gotta watch out for her at home...

And the beach days aren't very relaxing anymore. ha!  She's crawling all over the place, going straight to the water to be with her sisters.

Her smiles are still so big.  And she is the tickly-est little girl.

She's always up in my business. haha

But, what does it matter when she's this cute!?

OH! She started sleeping in her crib. Haha. Yes, I know, and she's not even fully sleeping in it...and her room still isn't done. haha! 

She tried Chipped Beef Gravy for the first time (also called SOS by some people?). This is a family staple. My nana made it ALL. THE. TIME. when we were kids. So, naturally, I make it for my kids. She still has NO teefers though. That's ok. She just "gums" it. Doesn't stop her from eating!

But her biggest new trick is that she can stand by herself now! She gets up from a sitting position, just stands up. And she's walking around holding on to things. Autumn was walking really early, so I'm thinking Caroline might. Brooklynn didn't take a step until she was 13 months old. So I'm really worried about it. She'll do when she's ready.

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  1. I love reading your posts and seeing what Caroline is up to because my daughter is a couple weeks older. She only wants milk morning and night too and the doctor makes me feel bad bc she only wants water and solids during the day! Does C drink water during the day? Doctor said she doesn't need much but it's what she wants!