Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise by the River

One of the great things about my parents moving back? We get to do things with them on a whim. The girls absolutely love them and I'm pretty sure my mom likes me too. lol Hard to tell anymore though, since the grand-kids always seem to take the place of you, am I right? Ha!  That's ok. I'm really glad the girls have their grandparents around now.

So today we went down to Sebastian to an Art Festival. At the end of it is the "food court" where Autumn spotted the ice cream sign from a mile away. So we decided to have some ice cream and beer. Seems to go together, right?! Yep. And we just happen to be by the river and Autumn wanted to go sit and watch the water. My kind of girl. So we did. It was relaxing. A beautiful day on the water.

All the girls with my mom.

And of course, the girls had to play on the rocks. Why not? It's nature's playground, right? And Woody loves to climb rocks, so he was perfect for being B's guide...because you know, she's a lot like me and would have definitely found a way to fall and bust her lip on one of the rocks. lol

So that was today. Another day in paradise, relaxing. 

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