Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Day in Daytona

Last summer, my cousin moved down here from Ohio.  I love having them here. She and I have always kind of been close... I remember following her around like a little puppy when I was a little girl. lol.  When they moved down here last summer, they lived in our town for a few months - which I loved having them so close. Then they moved up to Daytona area, so we don't get to see them as much, but we do get to see them way more than when they lived in Ohio. 

Anyway, they are moving again at the end of February, so I wanted to make sure we got up to Daytona to see them before they left. 

If you're wondering why they move so much, it's because they live in an RV. She has a blog you can follow, Roadhouse 4 Us.

So anyway, we went to spend the day with them. 

We had lunch at this yummy taco place, The Taco Shack. It reminded me of a local place, Da Kine Diego's. Contrary to what the picture looks, the place was pretty busy the whole time we were there.

Then we went to the Sugar Mill. It was a nice place to walk and let the kids run around.

The place was really  nice with tons of big tree with moss and lots of coverage.

They do actually have sugar mills 

 There were also lots of dinosaur statues and footprints all over the place, which was pretty exciting for the kids. 

Then there was the human sundial. It was kind of amazing how accurate it was, as long as the sun was out, which it really wasn't.

There... can you see my shadow?? It was 2:50 and it was right at that mark! 

Found a cute little bridge to make the kids take a picture on....wait a minute, poor

There, that's better. Now we can see your pretty smile!  And Scott's too :)

Then we headed to the beaches. I wanted to see the girls' expressions as we were driving on the beach. Needless to say, they were pretty confused! ha!

Ross, Party of 5 on the beach.

It was really windy and pretty cold, but the kids really didn't care, as usual. 

So, this could be the last time we see them before they leave FL. But hopefully, we can convince them to move back in a more permanent way after their year of travels.

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