Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Baby Caroline is Two Months Old!

My sweet Caroline is two months old now!   She looks like a baby now, and not a newborn. I just love this sweet girl.

Two months old
11 pounds 1 ounce
23 inches long

So now at two months old, here is some things about her:

1. She is talking a lot! The girls love it when she talks. They get all excited thinking she's having a conversation with them.

2. She smiles all the time.  I wish I could capture her smile on camera, it's so cute!

3. She spits up...a lot!  The doctor said it's just happy spitter since she's not really fussy with it's happening, and she's still gaining weight.

4. She is still sleeping through the night! I am so grateful for this. I've heard of legends of the sleeping newborn, but I didn't think it really exsisted!

5. She might sleep through the night, but she doesn't really like to sleep during the day. She'll take cat naps, but long 2-3 hour naps are rare. Although she's done them a few times the last few days, so maybe it's a new thing!

6. She still doesn't really like car rides. That is a hard one. Can't exactly stay home all the time.

7. She is such a snuggler! She would love to be laying on my chest or in my arms whenever she can or I will let her! 

8. She had her first bottle the other day.  Ron and I went on a date and left her at the sitter's house for a few hours. Of course she needed to eat while we were gone. Kim said she was confused a little bit in the beginning, but once she realized that milk was coming out, she guzzled it down in no time! 

Next week is my last week home. I go back to work on January 30th. And while I know that I can go back to work and all will be okay in the world, as it was with my other two when I went back to work, I will definitely miss snuggling this sweetie whenever I want!

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