Saturday, March 21, 2015

Caroline - 4 months old!

My baby is 4 months old!! Man. I guess I blinked or something... because POOF! 

So here she is... in all her 4 month old glory.

I wish I could show you what she's like in real life. She's such a happy, sweet girl.

- she laughs and smiles ALL the time
- she talks even more now
-She still spits up...all. the. time. Seriously. HOW can someone who spits up this much still gain weight??  I don't know, but as long as she's still gaining weight...whatever.

Obviously, she's found her feet now. 

She also spends a lot of time in her Bumbo and Jumperoo. She doesn't like to be left alone in a room, but doesn't mind just hanging out in the Bumbo while you're working.

She's just too cute for words. Really.  And those eyebrows... they are just so expressionate! (yes, I believe I just made up that word) Autumn's were like that too. You could tell if she was tired too, because her eyebrows got red. Caroline's do that too.

She's figured out how to eat her feet now too.

AND she can roll over now!!

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  1. Oh my goodness.... she is SO cute!!! I am thinking her and Theo need to meet!