Thursday, March 26, 2015

Disney trip!

Going to Disney is one of our favorite past-times.  So of course we had to go on our spring break.

So on Monday morning when Ron got home from work, we hopped in the car and started the drive I can now do without even thinking about.

Fast forward about 10 minutes....

Yep... our tire. The tread was coming off. Awesome.  And the spare?? It was a no driving on that one to Orlando. 

Well, let's just say, our car is now riding on 4 brand new sorry for my checkbook.

That's ok. We went home and the girls played in the rain.

Then, while Ron went to get the new tires, I took the girls to see Cinderella. I mean, if you can't go to Disney, seeing the movie is a good 2nd place, right? What a cute movie! I really liked it. I wouldn't mind seeing it again actually.

SO, then the next day, our plan was to wake up early and head out to get there right when the park opened. Well, that plan changed when Caroline woke up with her eyes completely crusted shut. My poor sick baby. Took her to the morning clinic at her doctor's office... ear infection and the gunky eyes are because of it.  Not that you could tell that she was sick though - still such a happy baby!

Since she was pretty much ok, we went ahead and went to Disney. Something about just stepping into the park. As soon as you get into the main courtyard... everything is magically better!

This trip, we decided to get Brooklynn her own autograph book, now that she really knows the characters and such. She was so proud of it! When we asked her who she wanted her first autograph to be...who do you think she said!?

Um, Ariel, of course! My kind of girl.

Then we ran into Aurora. 

Brooklynn conked out... and she slept through the whole Pirates of the Caribbean ride. lol. 

And I finally got my hands on a Dole Whip!! These things are so good!! But I couldn't finish the whole thing... but I really wanted the float because it had the pineapple juice in it. So yum!!

On the way out, we saw something else I've been wanting to see. It was the tradition of the band playing the anthem and "America" song... and they pick a kid from the crowd to say the pledge...and they bring down the flag. It's a pretty cool process. I really enjoyed the band playing too. If you're ever in the front of the park around 5:00, make sure you try to watch it. 

Until next time, Disney!

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