Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Healthy Kids... or Not

I kind of pride myself on being a fairly healthy person. I try to keep things clean. We eat healthy foods to keep our immune systems strong.  We take vitamins.

But the reality of having three kids is starting setting in. 

It's getting a little ridiculous now.  

It pretty much started with Brooklynn.

On March 4, she had to go to the E.R. around 9:00 at night. The E.R. only because it was the only thing open. But they admitted her because of her agonizing stomach pains. They actually thought it might be appendicitis, but we think it just ended up being a REALLY bad case of gas.  She came home around 3:30 or so in the morning. 

Then, the next weekend, Autumn broke out in this horrible rash that was just on her legs and arms. 

Ron came home from work that morning and marked her legs so we could watch to see if it got worse or better.

After a day, it actually got a little worse, but it wasn't itching or painful, so I ended up making a lavender lotion from my DoTerra oil. That actually helped. The next morning it was pretty much gone! Here's my DoTerra site if you want to look into oils.

We thought she was all good... then her school called at the end of the week. She had a fever. Awesome.  Ron took her to the doctor and now she had an ear infection! Her doctor said the rash had nothing to do with her getting an ear infection since it was just on her limbs, and not the rest of her body.  So now she was on meds for that.

Well.... that same week Caroline developed a case of thrush. Awesome. None of my other kids got that. So I am trying get rid of that when she starts to get gunky eyes. UGH!! So I take her to the doctors because every time she sleeps, she wakes up with eyes so crusty that they are crusted shut. 

She has a 100 degree fever and a slight ear infection too. 

Oh. My. GOSH!

The good news is, she's such a happy baby, that I really can't tell she's sick...other than her gunky eyes and runny nose.  Every night I diffuse lavender in our bedroom to help Caroline sleep. So I added some "Breathe" to the diffuse mixture to help her breathe and sleep better at night. 

The doctor said that poor Caroline is going to be sick a lot probably...because she's the 3rd child. He said that with every kid, the more sickness they get. 

Awesome. Just great.

I'm so sorry Caroline! 

So this has been our March, I sure hope that April brings healthier kids!!

oh...p.s,. Ron has been sick for a few weeks too. Seriously people. I may run away for a week or so to keep myself healthy! 

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