Saturday, July 20, 2013

Water Babies

In case you don't know already, my children are definitely water babies. If they see any form of water, they are in it a puddle, pool, ocean, lake.  And they don't care if they are fully clothed or not. Bathing suits not required. (which frustrates me more than anything because it just adds to the never ending mound of laundry.) Well, pool-time when you have two young ones, isn't the easiest.

But this summer, I feel a little bit of freedom. It's been a summer of growth, for sure.

Autumn has become quite the swimmer! She's a self-taught swimmer, like I was, and has started to grow so much. Now, her new thing is go diving for the diving rings. 

I'm actually thinking about looking into what age they start swimming teams. I think Autumn would love that!

and Brooklynn??? My little water baby is swimming all by herself with water rings on!

So now our pool days are much more relaxing and fun (for mama!).

Just a little "proud mama" moment. 

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