Friday, July 19, 2013

Blueberry Pickin'

Here in Florida, it's really hard to grow much fruit, since it gets so hot. One of the only times I'm really jealous of other states is the fall, when they can go to an actual pumpkin patch, or the apple orchard, or any kind of "farm." And living along the coast, we don't really have the land here, to be able to "farm." Well, up in the "northernest" part of our county (takes like 45 minutes to get there), there's a town called Mims. It's north of Titusville (which was the "hoppin'" town during the 60s when NASA boomed!). Mims has the land to do the farming.

There's this blueberry "farm" and they let the public come and pick their own blueberries! It's really cheap too! Well, unless you count the gas to get there, then it's probably no cheaper than going to the store. haha!
BUT, on the last day of the season, they do blueberries for $1.50 per POUND!

Yes, you read that correctly. Per pound.  
And, if you know my kids, they will eat a pint of blueberries in one day. I literally can NOT keep blueberries in the house. But, who am I to complain. Blueberries are a SUPERfood

So in the summer, I will buy them 2 or 3 packs at a time when they're on sale, and I let them eat as much as they want.

and my little family went blueberry pickin'!

A was so proud of her bucket of blueberries! And she had a great view of all the blueberries that were lower to the ground and under the bushes, since everyone else was only really looking along the tops and sides...ha!

See??? Kids are good for something!

And of course B was eating them all...I think she was eating them faster than I was picking them. little vacuum, she is.

I think this will become a summer tradition too! I LOVE the summer time!


  1. How fun! The pictures of your girls are so cute!

  2. What a fun new tradition! No blueberries around here, although I have been passing through the cemetery on my morning walk and have harvested black raspberries and blackberries from time to time. The former are nearly done for the season and the blackberries were just ready this week. Lucky me...except for the day the caretaker cornered me and talked for half an hour!