Sunday, July 28, 2013

T25: Week 2

I have been SO busy this week, I have TONS of pictures to update with, but for now I'll just share my stats with you for this week. Not much has changed. I blame how I've been in and out of town - and you know how hard it is to stay on course when you're out of town.

One of the things I've noticed that's changed the most, though, is that my body can't handle eating bad things anymore. Since I have literally changed how I eat, and especially how I eat Shakeology every day. We went to one of my favorite places where I grew up the other day, and when I was so sick after I ate. Not like food poisoning sick, but "my body can't handle this kind of food anymore." I will say that it's nice that my body rejects that kind of food.

And isn't it horrible that when we go on vacation now that I kind of cringe at what I know I'll be eating like? Why is it SO hard to eat right when you're not at home!? Why aren't there more variety of healthy foods out there??

Anyway, here are this week's stats. Not much change from last week, but still a change from the beginning!

Weight: 154.
Thighs – 22.5”
Butt – 39.5”
Waist (a.k.a Tire) – 36”
Arms – 10” 

I'll be back later to catch up on what we've been doing!

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