Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life is a Circus

Yesterday marked 6 years that Ron and I have been married. 

Last year, we went to Island of Adventures, which was a great symbol of the rollercoaster we had been on that year.  This year, we went to the "circus." haha. Still... so appropriate for our lives. 

We had been to Cirque Du Soleil before, MANY moons ago, even before we were married.It was nice to see it again, almost 10 years later.

As with any day in our life, the day was chaotic, trying to do too much in one day. Thankfully we had a little help. It really does take a village to raise kids. Yesterday, some of Autumn's favorite friends (Nate and Sloan) were having a birthday party (they're twins), but because we had so much to do before we left for Orlando, they were going to have to miss it. Then, Mimi came to the rescue! Their babysitter (during the day) was going to the party too and told us we could drop off the girls and she would watch them at the party for us. What would we do without Mimi?  So we ran to do a few things we had to do while they were at the party and then came back to get them. 

We were, of course, running late, and didn't get to leave for Orlando by the time we wanted. So we didn't have time to eat dinner before the show. So, we opted for pretzels.


Anniversary dinner at it's finest.

Then we got to see the show. It was so great. Even seeing it again. It really does amaze me at the athleticism that some people can have. It really kind of motivates me to get back into shape that much quicker after this baby.

Well, since dinner was a bust, I decided I was going to going to redeem it by getting myself a fun dessert! I have actually never had a caramel apple. 

I know.

But now I can cross that off my list! It wasn't just a caramel apple. It was a Minnie Mouse Halloween Chocolate Caramel covered Apple.

Yes. It happened.

I ate it. It was SO good. Then my body had issues because I'm NOT used to eating like that. But it was worth it. I can say I've had one and they are SO good. But I don't think I need another one. lol

While we were gone, the babysitter (night time) sent us a picture of the girls. They seriously melt my heart sometimes. And other times, they make me question ever having kids - ha!  

Happy anniversary to the man who is my best friend.  

He drives me crazy. I drive him crazy. We don't always agree. He makes me laugh. He keeps me grounded. He helps calm me when I'm high-strung (wait... me? high strung - ha!)  There are many ways we work, and some ways we don't, but find a way.

Life is a circus. Crazy. Fun. Funny. Hectic. A lot of work. But when you work at it, you can see just how totally worth it, it is!  Can't wait to see what the next year of marriage brings!