Monday, September 22, 2014

My Graceful Brooklynn

I normally don't feel the need to share with the world the mishaps of my children. I mean, they're kids. They get scrapes and bruises and cuts. 

Especially my girls. They play so rough and they love the outdoors. So it's just a given that they always have something wrong somewhere. lol

BUT, this week was probably the craziest week for my little Brooklynn. 

In a one week time span, she pulled her arm out of socket (Nurse Maid's Elbow) and not one, but TWO busted lip incidents. 

The Nurse Maid's Elbow happened one morning with Ron. He had dropped Autumn off at school and then B pulled her arm out socket and he had to take her to the doctors. I was at work, and of course I was waiting by the phone patiently awaiting the text of her outcome.  The doctor just popped it back in and 5 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened to her.

Then, the next day, Ron texted me in the morning saying that she had a busted lip. lol.  Geez, really!?She was walking and drinking from her Nalgene cup and ran into the bookshelf and the cup busted her lip.  Oy.

The last one really did her in.  We were on our date night and not 10 minutes after we left, the babysitter texts me and says that she fell and busted her lip. She got it to stop bleeding and she stopped crying, so we figured she was fine. 

But when I woke up the next morning, THIS is what I saw on my poor B's face. lol

Just look at that fat lip on the top. (and never mind about the MASSIVE bed head hair. The girl has the worst hair.. ever.. in the mornings!)

Not that all these injuries and having a fat lip stops her from having the best smile in the world. Even with a fat lip, she's still the cutest girl... ever!

My dearest Brooklynn,

I am so sorry that you got your momma's grace. You will forever be running into things, getting hurt, and going through boxes of bandaids.  That's okay though, you will be a stronger person in the end! Just keep your smile and you'll eventually learn, "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger!"

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